Join the Network

Join the Rogue Valley Food System Network in one of three ways:

  1. The Council – Elected to be the decision making body of the Network to uphold the mission, vision & objectives.
  2. Partners – Organizations, agencies, or businesses that support the mission and objectives of the Network and want to participate in a focused work group.
  3. Supporters – Individuals that support the mission and objectives of the Network and want to work in a focus area.

Joining means that you are signing on in support of the effort to collaboratively strengthen our food system.

Mission: The Rogue Valley Food System Network establishes a collaborative community of leadership to develop and advocate for a healthy and sustainable food system in Josephine and Jackson Counties.

Vision: The Rogue Valley is celebrated for its strong, vibrant regional food system characterized by abundant local food production, equitable food access, environmental sustainability, economic vitality, and healthy community.


  1. Foster collaboration, communication, and education among institutions, organizations, community members, and decision-making bodies on issues central to our regional food system.
  2. Coordinate regional fundraising and development designed to research, design, implement, and assess activity fostering a sustainable and just local food system.
  3. Research and evaluate the programming, policy, science, and culture impacting the economic, environmental, and social state of our food system.
  4. Work collaboratively with regional decision-makers to propose and promote regional policies supporting the core mission and vision of the  Network.
  5. Partner in the delivery of community outreach programming designed to foster a regional ethic of pride and care for our community food system and to distribute thoughtfully researched materials for informed decision making.

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