The Lunch Show

lunchshowThe Lunch Show is located in downtown Ashland, Oregon and features local and seasonal fare. The Lunch Show is owned by Elisa Boulton, who manages the restaurants, and Dave Winzig, the head chef. The Lunch Show focuses on using fresh, quality, local ingredients. Elisa explains, “It’s always been really important to us to use good quality ingredients and local ingredients. We make everything from scratch here. We make our own condiments, we make our own pickles, and we bake the bread fresh everyday. All the meat is cured here and we buy from local suppliers as much as possible.”

According to Elisa, Dave bases his dishes, “On what is available seasonally. He will change things up depending on what the local market has. We buy a lot from local farmers and try to keep it simple.” Elisa spoke about some of the challenges of getting locally sourced items. She explained, “It takes a lot of effort and coordination. I source directly with the farmers so it’s a lot trickier than just calling up one vendor and ordering everything we need.”

When asked why The Lunch Show chooses to use local food, Elisa replied that, “The quality of local food around here is really good, and to me, it’s just so important to support local farmers. I love knowing where my food was grown, and I love knowing who grew it. The quality is way better than if you buy it and truck it in; it’s going to be fresher. I think that eating food that is grown in the same area you live in is really important.”  Locally sourced items include produce, cheese, meat, wine, beer, kombucha, and locally roasted coffee.  In addition to local food, the Lunch Show serves GMO-free products. Elisa explains that, “Pretty much everything we use is organic; everything is GMO-free.”

The Lunch Show has recently expanded its hours and is open from 11 am – 3 pm. Current menu items include the Pastrueban, the Yammich, other sandwiches, salads, homemade sodas, and more. To view their menu or to order online for pick-up, visit